Calamity (The Reckoner’s Book 3)

I figured I better get to writing this review as it’s been several weeks since I finished the audio book. The nice thing about that is it gave me time to stew over the series as a whole. So first I’ll give my feelings toward the finial book in the Reckoner’s series then my thoughts on the series overall.

Calamity (The Reckoner’s book 3)

Overall I’m satisfied with the conclusion. I was a little worried after reading some reviews for the book due to others saying Sanderson droped the ball in this book. I can see why some feel that way. Sure I would have like to have seen a more exciting, action filled ending then what we got. Sure I would have loved to have seen more stuff done with the other worlds that Megan gave access too. I would be amiss as well if I didn’t say I really would have like it if there would have been more with David using his powers once he actually got them.

The thing with Davids powers is that I think it was a good move on Sandersons part to play it like he did. You new from the very beging that David was eventually going to get powers. The anticipation of him getting them is what drives you through the story. Every situation he’s in you find yourself thinking “This is it” but then he gets through it without his powers developing. That was a good way to go to keep this from being just another superhero book.

I was happy and delighted to have Abraham and Cody back for this round as I missed them in the second book. Though I will agree with other reviews in that this book lacked the action I was expecting after reading the first two but that really didn’t take away from the story much. But I was pleasently supprise when It was revealed as to who Calamity was. I did not see that coming.

The Reckoners series overall

To be blunt…I loved it. This was my first exposure to Brandon Sanderson and I wish I would have found him a lot sooner (so many wasted years but now I can have the fun of binge reading his books)<br />When I think of my own author endeavors, as at the time of writing this I only have one published book, this is what I strive for. To put out books of this quality with such fascinating worlds and characters you reach the end wishing for more. I look forward to diving into the next world of Sanderson’s.