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As a thank you for being patient with my as I get my book ready to publish, I wanted to do something special for my next blog post. So I thought, what better way then to share some exclusive content! So as a thank you for being understanding about not posting a blog every week, here is a deleted scene that I took out of Wielder of the Gauntlets. Enjoy!

**** Ju-Long pushes his horse hard down the dirt road. It’s been a few hours since they headed out of the southern gate and the horse grows weary from the constant sprinting. It’s obedient to no end. Never failing to obey it’s master whenever it begins to slow and Ju-Long commands it to pick up the speed. Tim hasn’t said much to Ju-Long on the way. He can feel the struggle going on inside Ju-Long concerning all that Kau has done and isn’t exactly sure what to say to him anyway. They round a bend and climb a hill that leads out of the trees. At the top, Ju-Long stops the horse and looks out over the open landscape ahead of them. A cloud of dust can be seen not too far in the distance. They are catching up to the men who grabbed the armor. Ju-Long kicks his horse back into action and it takes off with renewed vigor, as if it too knows they are gaining on Kau’s men. They close more of the distance. The dust still visible in the air as they ride on and enter another patch of woods. Then the ambush happens.
An arrow comes flying at them from the left. Tim doesn’t know how Ju-Long sees it coming but he activates his gauntlet and forms a shield just in time. In the few seconds Ju-Long takes his eyes of the road to block the arrow, Kau’s men raise a barbed trip wire. By the time Ju-Long sees it, the horse is already tripping over it. The wire slices the horse’s leg and takes its front feet out from under it. Ju-Long leaps off before he gets caught under the toppling horse and activates the right gauntlet. Several men emerge from the woods and form a circle around where Ju-Long lands.
“Si Ju-Long. Your brother has paid us quite a lot of money to see that you don’t make it to Ki Hune prison. Now we all know of your reputation and have heard about the power those little toys on your arms have. So to be honest with you, we would rather not have to fight you. Tell you what, I’ll give you two options. You can turn around and head back to Si village and let your brother be about his business. Or you can pay us double what Kau has paid us and we will let you pass.”
Tim can tell by the nervous look on all their faces that they fear Ju-Long and don’t want to fight him.
“And how much exactly did my brother pay you?”
“One hundred gold coins.”
Ju-Long goes to his horse. He places his hand on the horse’s head as it struggles to get free from the barbed wire. His gauntlet glows and Tim feels energy transferring out of it into the horse. The horse calms and lays on its side. Ju-Long walks to the side and unties two sacks from the saddle and looks inside them. He tosses them to the man, then begins to cut his horse free as the man counts the gold inside.
“Three hundred gold coins. Triple what Kau has paid.” The man nods to his men and they all relax, relieved to not have to fight Ju-Long.
Ju-Long looks over his horse’s legs once they are free of the wire. Tim asks, “How bad is it.” Ju-Long takes the horse’s right leg in his hand and his gauntlets glow. Slowly the torn flesh begins to mesh back together. He does the same with the left. When he is done, the horse calmly stands, takes a few steps, and nuzzles Ju-Long with its head. Ju-Long climbs back in the saddle and walks past the group of men, stopping next to their leader. Ju-Long keeps his eyes forward, looking down the road as he speaks. “Do not let me find you in these parts again.” He snaps the reins and the horse takes off down the road.****

I originally wanted to use this scene to show how Ju-Long could use his gauntlets power to heal injuries. During my first revision I ended up working that in during the fight with Rhi-Nu and this scene just became filler that had no impact on the story so it didn’t make it into the final cut. I hope you enjoyed this exclusive scene!

Till next time let me know what you think of this deleted scene and let me know what your impression as to the kind of man it shows Ju-Long to be is.

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