Bargain Hunter

I had a revelation this week, I have become a bargain hunter…and it only took my wife nine years to make me one.

I started to realize this working on last weeks blog when searching up prices for refridgerators. Our fridge at home is getting rather old and it makes a lot of noises that it didn’t use to. Noises that would make you think the thing just blew up or fell to pieces if your not use to it. It will also tend to freeze stuff thats not in the freezer and I don’t think it’s good that you can just about see inside, with the door shut, either. (It sags just a little)

Because of this, my wife has been keeping an eye out in the local classifieds for a good used one for when the ticking time bomb finally goes boom! My self, I would prefer to just get a new one. One that we could tailor to what we want and know exactly what the history of it is. But I guess that’s just the “man” in me. I would rather spend money we don’t have on something that is more than we actually need, then spend money we do have on something that would work just fine. At least, that’s how I use to think.

Now I find myself getting excited when ever I see a bargain. Lets take my latest purchase as an example. Those of you who follow me on Facebook probably saw that I bought a complete set of tires for my side by side this week. The one’s that are on it now are fine and have a lot of life left but at only 24” they are rather small. My Pioneer is a 50” wide rig that is tailored for narrower wooded trails. Because it has a smaller width it also has shorter A-arms which means less suspension travel and smaller ground clearance. The easiest way to compensate for this is to go with bigger tires.

I found a set of used 27” Maxis Bighorn 2.0 on that had 3/4 tread left on the front and 1/2 tread still left on the back that the guy selling was asking $120 for all four. I did my due dilagance and check the price what these would cost brand new and found that $120 wasn’t much more than what it would cost to buy just one tire. Needless to say I got a hold of the guy and bought them later that day upon getting my wife’s approval.

Yes, I asked my wife first. I’ve learned the hard way that both husband and wife need to be involved in matters of money no matter how big or small. That is part of the reason why I can proudly say that we have been living debt free for a couple years now and It feels wonderful. (maybe thats a blog for another day)

The whole point of this is that when I first found the limitations of the Pioneers suspension and ground clearence, I was tempted to go buy brand new tires right then and there. It’s a safe bet that the tires I would have gotten would have been far more than what I needed for the kind of riding I do and probably more expensive then I could have afforded (especially after just buying a side by side). I showed restraint, had a little patients, and kept a look out in the classified and found a great deal on just what I was looking for.

This thinking, however goes completly against what todays society will tell you. In a world of “buy now, pay later” all you need is a decient credit score and you can get what ever you want. Just think about how many credit card offeres you get through the mail or how many telemarketers call wanting you to lower your interest on you credit card (this is code for sign up for our card instead). My email is even hammered with emails about getting a loan and it’s enough to drive me insane. It’s no wonder that our nation is in such the financial crisis it is. People are quick to buy stuff they can’t affored just so they can say they have the ‘latest and greatest”,thinking having a small payment makes it ok, they don’t stop to think about all the intrest you end up paying. That small payment only means thousands of extra dollars (that you most likely would have been able to save in the amount of time it takes to pay something off) you end up paying in the long run. Thats thousands of dollars that could have went towards something else.

I know I’m going on a bit of a rant here but I’m only doing so because I’m speaking by experience. I was once that guy who use to sign the papers first and worry about making the payment later. Never once thinking about how much extra I end up paying. Let me tell you, there is a much greater peace and joy to life when you live it by what your able to afford rather than what your able to borrow.

Your friend in the pages of fiction

Jason A. Dimmick