Problem with Mailchimp

Just wanted to do an update because I told every one I was going to be sending out my first newsletter this weekend. Well, I’ve run into problems with Mailchimp so its on hold. I’m not sure what happened but I had the email all ready to send out to my mailing list but when I went to send it I got a notice of an “acceptable use violation” and that my account has been paused. The only thing I can think of is that I copied and pasted a draft I had written on word pad for the email and Mailchimp is thinking it’s outsourced content that might be copyrighted which is not allowed. What that means is I can not send emails till the issue has been resolve. With it being the weekend, no one will be able to go over the issue with me till Monday. Sorry for this delay and if anyone has any recommendation for a better mailing service please let me know. The nice thing about mailchimp is it is free up to 2000 subscribers which is why I went with them.

As soon as this problem is resolved (or I switch to a different provider) I’ll send out my first newsletter.

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J. Dimmick