New Year Resolution

Happy New Year!

So last week I was on the fence whether or not I was going to make any new year resolutions. As you can probably guess by the title of today’s blog I have, maybe to my better judgement, made one this year. It may be only one but it’s a big one. This year my resolution is to write three books. Now that may sound like a big undertaking but for the sake of full disclosure, two out of the three are only going to be novella’s in the “Armor of the Fallen” series. Then the third book then being the second novel of the main story titled “Rise of a Villain”. With that being said, I probably should give an update on the first Armor of the Fallen book.

I have finished the first draft and I did it by my dead line! It took me till 1pm on Dec 31, but hey, I have a family and a full time job and I did set the deadline for the end of 2016 so it counts. If you have subscribed to my news letter I will be sending out an email containing links to download part one of “Wielder of the Gauntlets” with in the next couple weeks. I figured I would send it in parts as I do some preliminary editing and rewriting so I can get it in your hands faster. I’ll be sending out a “test email” this weekend just so I make sure I know how to properly use Mailchimp.

Last week I went over some non fiction books I’ve read this past year and now I am going to share some fiction books I’ve enjoyed and would recommend. I think I’ll do a book a week in addition to what ever else I blog about so I don’t get overly long with my blogs. This is by no means going to be a in depth review, simply because I don’t want to take any more time away from writing my books than I have too. Instead this will be just a quick impression of why I like and recommend each book or books if it’s a series.

Michael Vey series by Richard Paul Evans. This is a YA series and has quickly become one of my favorites. As of now there are six books in the series, with the sixth book of the series titled “The Fall of Hades” just recently being released. What I like most about the story, beside having a fantastic plot, is how it just flows so well. The story is full of action, which helps, but even through the slower parts you’re just driven to read on. I attribute that to the way Richard Paul Evans connects you to his characters and makes you care about each one. I also like that the language is clean and it’s not overly gory. There were four books in the series available when I started reading and I binge read all four. Of coarse then I was biting at nails for the next book to come out. Currently there are six books and after just finishing the sixth book a few weeks ago, I’m really biting at my nails for the seventh. If you want to know more about the series head on over to and take a look. If you like to read YA novels you will not be disappointed with the Michael Vey series.

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