Origin of Armor of the Fallen Series

Where did I get the idea for the Armor of the Fallen Series?

That is going to be some what of a hard question to answer, at least in great detail. The reason is, I came up with the concept of the book clear back in high school around fifteen years ago. Only then it wasn’t a novel type book I had envisioned but a comic book.

I had this idea about a young man that came across and old pair of bracelets in a flee market that he thought his girlfriend would like. In goofing off with his friends he put them on and they shrunk themselves tight to his wrist and he couldn’t get them off. Then it just so happens that the flee market is robbed and that unleashes the gauntlets. Originally, the gauntlets took complete control of the hero (ghost rider like for you Marvel fans) and he really had no control over when the gauntlets activated.
That’s about as far as it got. A friend of mine drew up a few drawings of the gauntlets and the hero but those are long gone. The idea must have been lock away some where in my brain because when I finally embraced the thought of writing a book, that was the idea that instantly came to me.

Then the time came to decide what market of readers I was going to focus on. You have to write to the market you want to sell to, so it helps to have that picked out before you start. Every genre has different characteristics, that are shared across the board, that most readers expect when they read. I mostly read young adult, fantasy, and sci-fi books so that is what I know best. I started Armor of the Fallen out as fantasy but as i began writing I saw it quickly morphing into Y.A. so i went with it. Sure I had to shift my story a bit, but from what feedback I’m getting from my current beta readers it was a wise choice.

Now the once upon a time comic book has turned into a trilogy, the trilogy has prompted a few novella’s, and it seems now that I’ve gotten into a “Author mindset” ideas for future books are popping up all the time.

Next week I’m going to shift things around a little bit on my blog and start talking more about myself and my interests and hobbies (both writing and non-writing things) and I have a few questions I’ve gotten as well I will be answering so make sure to check in. I know I have been sporadic as far as the time I post but bear with me, I’m still working on balancing everything out with my full time job, family, and writing. If you follow me on facebook or twitter, I make sure to leave a post so you know the blog is up.

Thanks for stopping by today and I wish every one a wonderful holiday season!

Your friend in the pages of fiction
J. Dimmick


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