What made me write a book

What made me decide to write a book?

The answer to that question is both long and deep, so brace your self. Are you braced?  Here goes…I decided to write a book because I had a story to tell.

Ok, there may be a tiny bit more to it than that, but simply put, that’s the answer. In fact, I think that for most authors, that answer would hold true. There are, however, a few thing that did lead up to me actually sitting in front of the computer and typing away.

I love to read, but I have to be in the mood for it. I may go through a reading binge were I’ll read book after book, month after month. Then I’ll get to a point were I’m like “that’s good for now” and I may go several months without reading so much as a cereal box.
It was during one of my long reading sessions, I believe that I was in the middle of the “I am number Four” series, were I just had the thought enter my mind that I should write a book. I had a story already in mind (more on that next week) so I just decided to sit down and start writing. No outlining, no planing; just me, my laptop and a story in my head. That worked fine for about a third of the book. Then I hit the first road block. I got out of the mood for reading and with that I got out of the mood to write. And so the book sat nice and comfy on my hard drive while life went on.

So what made me take to the keyboard again? Well, a couple different things. I did have the entire first part of my book finished so I printed a copy and gave it to some youths in my church. They loved it and couldn’t wait to read the rest. That was an eye opener for me that made me think, “maybe I do have a talent for writing.” That got me working on it here and there again, but I still had no commitment to it like I should have had.

Some time after that I was asked to teach the teen class at my churches V.B.S. It was a camp theme and I wanted to start each day with a story to get the teens excited for the lesson. (I even dressed in costume for the story) It was a big hit and they really enjoyed it. (No I’m not giving away what the story was about cause I do plan on making a short story out it) For this story though I did do some planing, outlining, a little bit of research, and it made it so much easier to form the story. That lit a fire in me that change my mind set from “I should write a book” to “I have to write a book”.

I guess I am getting long winded here with this (still not very deep i don’t believe) but those things made me realize I could, and should, write my novel. So here I am, nearing the end of the first draft of my very first novel. And it feels great!

Your friend in the pages of fiction
J. Dimmick

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