Tis the Season

December is here at last! I think it is safe to say that if you ask someone what their favorite holiday is, the majority would tell you Christmas. Yes, that holds true for me as well (just ask my wife how many months out of the year I’m singing Christmas songs and she will tell you 13 out of 12…lol) this December holds special meaning for me in another way as well. This is the month I have set the goal to have the first draft of my very first novel finished by. Some of you may have been asking your self why I have gone through all the trouble of setting up a web page and other social media accounts to promote a book that’s not even finished yet. That answer is two fold.

First; One thing I have learned through books and podcasts on writing and self publishing, is that it is never to early to start promoting your book. This is one recurring theme I’ve come across in all my research. If you want you book to sell you need to create a fan base. In order to build a fan base people have to actually know about your book. A well established email list is a new authors greatest weapon in obtaining sales at time of release. More importantly, the reviews obtained from your first sales (as well as your beta readers reviews) are what will determine the success of your book, besides writing a great book that is. Even if all you have is a title and/or idea about a book, start telling others about.

Second; Having deadlines in which you would like to meet certain goals are great motivation to get the work done. But when you don’t really have anyone that you have to answer to if you fail to meet those deadlines then what’s the point. That’s the true brilliance in promoting your book before it’s even finished. By setting deadlines on which you would like to have reached a certain stage on you book, and making it public, you have now created someone you have to answer to. This can be as simple as just giving a released date for when the book will be published. Or it can be as detailed as giving every single stage in the writing process (main theme or idea, research, outline, first draft, first rewrite, second rewrite, edit, out to beta readers, ect.) a date to be completed by. Speaking from my own experience I can tell you that the productivity on my book has at least doubled since I set a goal of having a March 2017 release. I find my self taking more time to write and I find more satisfaction in my writing when I’m striving to meet a goal.

As the holiday season gets into full swing, and things become more hectic as we try to get all our shopping and planning done in time for the 25th, I just want to thank you for taking the time to visit my author page and read my blog. I plan on keeping with the once a week blog post and it seems to always fall on a Thursday so I will make that my official post day from now on. And as always if you haven’t signed up for my mailing list yet make sure you do so before you leave. You can do that over on the side bar or you can click here.  I also have other books I’m working on listed on the Work in Progress page so make sure to stop by there before you leave as well. Thanks again for stopping by.

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