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As I’m am currently working on my very first novel I would like to sincerely thank you for visiting my web site. Being new to the art that is writing it can be overwhelming at times to think about all that must be done to get your book and your name out there for others to see. By visiting this site you have now helped to make that task easier. Be it curiosity, a love for finding new books with fresh ideas to read, or just plain coincidence, you have found your way to my site and are one more person who now knows about me and my first novel Armor of the Fallen: Wielder of the Gauntlets .

Thank you again for finding your way here and don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter to stay up to date on release info, exclusive content, as well as future projects I have planed.


One thought on “Thank you for visiting my site

  1. I love to read! I wish you much success as an author. Remember us “little people” when you hit the big time!

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