Deleted scene

As a thank you for being patient with my as I get my book ready to publish, I wanted to do something special for my next blog post. So I thought, what better way then to share some exclusive content! So as a thank you for being understanding about not posting a blog every week, here is a deleted scene that I took out of Wielder of the Gauntlets. Enjoy!

**** Ju-Long pushes his horse hard down the dirt road. It’s been a few hours since they headed out of the southern gate and the horse grows weary from the constant sprinting. It’s obedient to no end. Never failing to obey it’s master whenever it begins to slow and Ju-Long commands it to pick up the speed. Tim hasn’t said much to Ju-Long on the way. He can feel the struggle going on inside Ju-Long concerning all that Kau has done and isn’t exactly sure what to say to him anyway. They round a bend and climb a hill that leads out of the trees. At the top, Ju-Long stops the horse and looks out over the open landscape ahead of them. A cloud of dust can be seen not too far in the distance. They are catching up to the men who grabbed the armor. Ju-Long kicks his horse back into action and it takes off with renewed vigor, as if it too knows they are gaining on Kau’s men. They close more of the distance. The dust still visible in the air as they ride on and enter another patch of woods. Then the ambush happens.
An arrow comes flying at them from the left. Tim doesn’t know how Ju-Long sees it coming but he activates his gauntlet and forms a shield just in time. In the few seconds Ju-Long takes his eyes of the road to block the arrow, Kau’s men raise a barbed trip wire. By the time Ju-Long sees it, the horse is already tripping over it. The wire slices the horse’s leg and takes its front feet out from under it. Ju-Long leaps off before he gets caught under the toppling horse and activates the right gauntlet. Several men emerge from the woods and form a circle around where Ju-Long lands.
“Si Ju-Long. Your brother has paid us quite a lot of money to see that you don’t make it to Ki Hune prison. Now we all know of your reputation and have heard about the power those little toys on your arms have. So to be honest with you, we would rather not have to fight you. Tell you what, I’ll give you two options. You can turn around and head back to Si village and let your brother be about his business. Or you can pay us double what Kau has paid us and we will let you pass.”
Tim can tell by the nervous look on all their faces that they fear Ju-Long and don’t want to fight him.
“And how much exactly did my brother pay you?”
“One hundred gold coins.”
Ju-Long goes to his horse. He places his hand on the horse’s head as it struggles to get free from the barbed wire. His gauntlet glows and Tim feels energy transferring out of it into the horse. The horse calms and lays on its side. Ju-Long walks to the side and unties two sacks from the saddle and looks inside them. He tosses them to the man, then begins to cut his horse free as the man counts the gold inside.
“Three hundred gold coins. Triple what Kau has paid.” The man nods to his men and they all relax, relieved to not have to fight Ju-Long.
Ju-Long looks over his horse’s legs once they are free of the wire. Tim asks, “How bad is it.” Ju-Long takes the horse’s right leg in his hand and his gauntlets glow. Slowly the torn flesh begins to mesh back together. He does the same with the left. When he is done, the horse calmly stands, takes a few steps, and nuzzles Ju-Long with its head. Ju-Long climbs back in the saddle and walks past the group of men, stopping next to their leader. Ju-Long keeps his eyes forward, looking down the road as he speaks. “Do not let me find you in these parts again.” He snaps the reins and the horse takes off down the road.****

I originally wanted to use this scene to show how Ju-Long could use his gauntlets power to heal injuries. During my first revision I ended up working that in during the fight with Rhi-Nu and this scene just became filler that had no impact on the story so it didn’t make it into the final cut. I hope you enjoyed this exclusive scene!

Till next time let me know what you think of this deleted scene and let me know what your impression as to the kind of man it shows Ju-Long to be is.

Your friend in the pages of fiction

Jason A. Dimmick

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A New Writers Learning Curve

There is an awful lot involved with writing and publishing books.

I knew when I decided to take writing seriously, and treat it like a business, that it was going to take a lot of work. At least that is what I told myself. Little did I know exactly how much work it was going take. Nor did I know that with each step my book would take, there would be a bit of a learning curve with each step.

When I first started writing, I was using a old laptop that I have had for years. It had Windows Vista Ultimate with a 64bit processor (If any of you ever had a computer running Vista you know that it had a pile of problems on its own) and I was using, I think, a 2009 or about version of word. I wrote half of Wielder of the Gauntlets in one, long, word document. That really became a pain anytime I needed to go back to previous chapters to check something or make sure I was staying consistant in my story line. Last year when I decided to step up my writing and make something of it I knew I needed an upgrade.

The first thing I did was update my computer from Windows Vista to Windows 7. Now some of you are probably thinking it would have just been easier or better to buy a new laptop with Windows 10 but like I revealed in last weeks blog, I have become a bargain hunter and 7 was cheaper. Plus my laptop is top of the line even by todays standard so I didn’t want to give it up.

The next thing I knew I would benefit from was a better program for writing in. I had heard a lot of great things about a program called Scrivener on most of the Podcasts I had been listing to so I figure I would give it a try. It’s a program that is tailored for writers. After using it now for a few months, and for two out of the three parts of my book, I have come to really love the program. It did take a bit to figure everything out because it has a lot of features and there was a scary moment when I thought I lost all of my book, but I’m learning. I’ve still only just scratched the surface as to what I can do with it.

Finally it came down to finding an editor. I have planned since November of last year to release my book in March. I finished my first draft by December and then had my first rewrite done by the end of January. Little did I know that most editors are usually booked several weeks, if not months, in advance. I went on and made several request for quotes and the first few I got back were declined because they couldn’t meet my time frame. Now I’m starting to get worried that I’ll have to push my release date back. Thankfully, and with perfect timing, I had a lady (her name is Lauren) follow me on twitter and I happened to notice that she was a freelance editor in her discription so I contacted her about my book. She was able to get to my book in my time and I like every thing she did on a sample edit she gave me so that is who I went with. She is also from Pennsylvania, like me, so that swayed me too.

I guess being my first novel I had a lot to learn. I’m also sure that I still have a lot left to learn. The self publishing industry is in a constant flux and things are always changing. What might be the industry standard today could be old news and not used next week. I’m excited to see what other things I will learn as I actually get into the process of publishing my book with the next month and a half or so.

Your friend in the pages of fiction
Jason A. Dimmick


Bargain Hunter

I had a revelation this week, I have become a bargain hunter…and it only took my wife nine years to make me one.

I started to realize this working on last weeks blog when searching up prices for refridgerators. Our fridge at home is getting rather old and it makes a lot of noises that it didn’t use to. Noises that would make you think the thing just blew up or fell to pieces if your not use to it. It will also tend to freeze stuff thats not in the freezer and I don’t think it’s good that you can just about see inside, with the door shut, either. (It sags just a little)

Because of this, my wife has been keeping an eye out in the local classifieds for a good used one for when the ticking time bomb finally goes boom! My self, I would prefer to just get a new one. One that we could tailor to what we want and know exactly what the history of it is. But I guess that’s just the “man” in me. I would rather spend money we don’t have on something that is more than we actually need, then spend money we do have on something that would work just fine. At least, that’s how I use to think.

Now I find myself getting excited when ever I see a bargain. Lets take my latest purchase as an example. Those of you who follow me on Facebook probably saw that I bought a complete set of tires for my side by side this week. The one’s that are on it now are fine and have a lot of life left but at only 24” they are rather small. My Pioneer is a 50” wide rig that is tailored for narrower wooded trails. Because it has a smaller width it also has shorter A-arms which means less suspension travel and smaller ground clearance. The easiest way to compensate for this is to go with bigger tires.

I found a set of used 27” Maxis Bighorn 2.0 on that had 3/4 tread left on the front and 1/2 tread still left on the back that the guy selling was asking $120 for all four. I did my due dilagance and check the price what these would cost brand new and found that $120 wasn’t much more than what it would cost to buy just one tire. Needless to say I got a hold of the guy and bought them later that day upon getting my wife’s approval.

Yes, I asked my wife first. I’ve learned the hard way that both husband and wife need to be involved in matters of money no matter how big or small. That is part of the reason why I can proudly say that we have been living debt free for a couple years now and It feels wonderful. (maybe thats a blog for another day)

The whole point of this is that when I first found the limitations of the Pioneers suspension and ground clearence, I was tempted to go buy brand new tires right then and there. It’s a safe bet that the tires I would have gotten would have been far more than what I needed for the kind of riding I do and probably more expensive then I could have afforded (especially after just buying a side by side). I showed restraint, had a little patients, and kept a look out in the classified and found a great deal on just what I was looking for.

This thinking, however goes completly against what todays society will tell you. In a world of “buy now, pay later” all you need is a decient credit score and you can get what ever you want. Just think about how many credit card offeres you get through the mail or how many telemarketers call wanting you to lower your interest on you credit card (this is code for sign up for our card instead). My email is even hammered with emails about getting a loan and it’s enough to drive me insane. It’s no wonder that our nation is in such the financial crisis it is. People are quick to buy stuff they can’t affored just so they can say they have the ‘latest and greatest”,thinking having a small payment makes it ok, they don’t stop to think about all the intrest you end up paying. That small payment only means thousands of extra dollars (that you most likely would have been able to save in the amount of time it takes to pay something off) you end up paying in the long run. Thats thousands of dollars that could have went towards something else.

I know I’m going on a bit of a rant here but I’m only doing so because I’m speaking by experience. I was once that guy who use to sign the papers first and worry about making the payment later. Never once thinking about how much extra I end up paying. Let me tell you, there is a much greater peace and joy to life when you live it by what your able to afford rather than what your able to borrow.

Your friend in the pages of fiction

Jason A. Dimmick


The Simple Things

There is saying ( or is it a line in a song….anyway, moving on) that I bet you have heard that goes “The simple things in life are free”. As the cost of, well…everything, goes up and up, I have to say that I’m glad this phrase seems to hold true because of what the simple things in life can bring us.

As technology advances by leaps and bounds on a daily basis, more and more things we use everyday incorporates said technology into it. I never would have guessed growing up that by the time I hit my thirties, you could buy a refrigerator that could keep track of whats in it and order stuff automatically for you. Or that you could have anything you want delivered to your door simple by asking a little cylindrical device in your living room to order it. I am by no means against technology. In fact, most of this blog I’m writing on my iPhone during my lunch breaks at work. But you have to admit that the rising cost of things can be partly attributed to the technology that is being placed into it. Lets take the refrigerator as an example of what I’m talking about.

I looked up prices of refrigerators on the internet, plain jane one’s and smart one’s, with a double door fridge and a freezer on the bottom. Here is what I found
A plain Jane fridge that just keeps food cold runs between $400 – $2,000
A smart Fridge with wifi runs between $3,500 – $8,000

I know…that’s what I said too. $8,000 for a fridge. Even if I had the money to spend I wouldn’t buy a fridge that expensive. Again the only difference in the two types of refrigerators is the technology incorporated in the one over the other. And don’t even get me started with the automotive industry and all the tech that they have to put in cars and trucks now a days. Go to your local car lot and try to find a simple base model vehicle (after say, 2014 model year) and see what you come up with.

That brings me to the point of my blog this week. All this technology is incorporated to make our lives easier and less stress full. And for the most part I’m great full for the modern convinces we have today. But the other day my son made me realize something.

My son will be two years old come May. For his one year birthday we got him an old fashion, metal, Tonka dump truck. He absolutely loves to push the dump truck around the house and spends a lot of the day doing it. Last month for Christmas he got a remote control truck and to his credit ( and for me to brag a little bit) he was able to figure out how to make it go with the remote. The thing is, he still prefers to bend down and push it by hand around the house like the dump truck. So even though the remote control truck is a lot more complex than the Tonka, he gets the most joy out of using it in the simplest way.
As I thought about that in my day to day activities at home and at work, I realized that it is the simple things in life that bring the most joy. Here is a good way to think of it. The automotive industry incorporates more technology into newer products than most anything else you can buy. Most manufacturers are putting CVT transmissions in their cars and either eight or ten speed automatic transmissions in their trucks. But all that newer tech to tell your vehicle when to shift still doesn’t bring the amount of joy that banging through the gears of a manual transmission can bring, at least in my opinion ( and no, I don’t think tapping a button counts as being manual).

It’s easy to get caught up in the complexity of the modern world, and just as easy for that complexity to bring much anxiety in your life that has no reason to be there. Take time today, and the rest of the week, to think on the simple things of life. Be it a kind word some one said to you, the peacefulness of taking a walk somewhere you enjoy, or even just watching your kids playing together “nicely” in the corner of your living room. If you think about it you’ll be surprised at how big the list can get. It’s those things, the simple things in life that are free, that can bring us the most happiness. We just need to not be so blind to them.

Your friend in the pages of fiction
Jason A. Dimmick

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Fighting Cabin Fever

I live on a farm out in the country of central Pennsylvania. So by the end of October into the beginning of November I really start to look forward to getting some of that white, cold stuff. It always looks so beautiful to see a blanket of snow on our fields and in the trees around us. I also have an old vintage snowmobile I like to get out a time and two and put around on.

This year we have had snow off and on but it hasn’t stuck around to long. We would get an few inches of snow, then we would have a warm spell and it would all melt. It has however been a colder than usually winter, in my opinion, that Is something I really don’t look forward to. All that the bitter cold does is make you sit in the house, stare blankly out the window, and think of all the things you could be doing outside if it was summer. I find this is usually accompanied by, in my case anyway, an unhealthy snack I’ll hate myself for eating later on.

I was hopeful that this winter was going to be different. I have kicked my writing career into high gear and don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I thought what a perfect time this was going to be to get a lot of writing done. Well that’s what I thought anyway. Now don’t take that as I’m not working on any of my books, because that is far from the truth. But the thing with getting cabin fever is that once it hits you really can’t do much about it.

So as I sat at my desk this past week working on editing and rewriting my book, I keep catching myself looking out the window at the snow thinking, “boy I wish it was spring so I could go for a ride in my side by side (I have a little Honda Pioneer 500) with out having to bundle up like I’m preparing a trek through the arctic. It’s not really hurting my productivity any but I still keep catching myself doing it and it drives me crazy. All that time my mind is wondering on things other than my book will eventually add up to a good size chunk of time that would have been better spent typing away on the keyboard.

I think the worst parts of cabin fever are the things we do to cope with it. See, having cabin fever can put you in a minor state of depression. You feel more tired than you should, you don’t have the energy to do productive things. Things that would help take your mind of the fact your stuck inside for the next several months. Even our eating habits change and we tend to eat more unhealthy snacks out of boardom ( oh the dreaded 10 lbs I put on ever winter, which as I get older, seems harder and harder to take off). I also notice I spend a lot more time staring at a tv or computer screen watching stuff on Netflix, hulu, youtube, or movies from my own collection Ive already seen so many times I can go through the entire movie in my head line for line. I think it’s our way for trying to escape the reality we are stuck in when we are stuck indoors.

But even as I write that last part, “stuck indoors”, I ask my self are we really stuck or is it just our own doing? Even though its cold, and the snow and ice is falling, the only ones keeping us inside are ourselves. Cabin fever is nothing more than our bodies telling us we need to get up and do something. It’s not something to be dread or fear, but some to be embraced. Some thing that, once we feel it, can be a wake up call to us to stop moping around the house thinking about how nice it will be when warm weather gets here. The downsides to cabin fever are all in our heads, it’s really just a warning system for us to get up, get dresses, and get out to enjoy the beauty of winter. We just need to change our perspective on it.

Your friend in the pages of fiction
J. Dimmick

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Update for newsletter

Just a quick update for those of you who have already subcribed to my newsletter. I have switch emailing providers from mailchimp to aweber. If you have recived another email to confirm you want on my mailing list and was wondering why, that is why. I thought it best to make a public post to make sure to let you know this was intentional and not a scammer who stole my information. Please confim your email again so you don’t miss out on the exciteing content soon to come.

Your friend in the pages of fiction
J. Dimmick


Problem with Mailchimp

Just wanted to do an update because I told every one I was going to be sending out my first newsletter this weekend. Well, I’ve run into problems with Mailchimp so its on hold. I’m not sure what happened but I had the email all ready to send out to my mailing list but when I went to send it I got a notice of an “acceptable use violation” and that my account has been paused. The only thing I can think of is that I copied and pasted a draft I had written on word pad for the email and Mailchimp is thinking it’s outsourced content that might be copyrighted which is not allowed. What that means is I can not send emails till the issue has been resolve. With it being the weekend, no one will be able to go over the issue with me till Monday. Sorry for this delay and if anyone has any recommendation for a better mailing service please let me know. The nice thing about mailchimp is it is free up to 2000 subscribers which is why I went with them.

As soon as this problem is resolved (or I switch to a different provider) I’ll send out my first newsletter.

Your friend in the pages of fiction

J. Dimmick


New Year Resolution

Happy New Year!

So last week I was on the fence whether or not I was going to make any new year resolutions. As you can probably guess by the title of today’s blog I have, maybe to my better judgement, made one this year. It may be only one but it’s a big one. This year my resolution is to write three books. Now that may sound like a big undertaking but for the sake of full disclosure, two out of the three are only going to be novella’s in the “Armor of the Fallen” series. Then the third book then being the second novel of the main story titled “Rise of a Villain”. With that being said, I probably should give an update on the first Armor of the Fallen book.

I have finished the first draft and I did it by my dead line! It took me till 1pm on Dec 31, but hey, I have a family and a full time job and I did set the deadline for the end of 2016 so it counts. If you have subscribed to my news letter I will be sending out an email containing links to download part one of “Wielder of the Gauntlets” with in the next couple weeks. I figured I would send it in parts as I do some preliminary editing and rewriting so I can get it in your hands faster. I’ll be sending out a “test email” this weekend just so I make sure I know how to properly use Mailchimp.

Last week I went over some non fiction books I’ve read this past year and now I am going to share some fiction books I’ve enjoyed and would recommend. I think I’ll do a book a week in addition to what ever else I blog about so I don’t get overly long with my blogs. This is by no means going to be a in depth review, simply because I don’t want to take any more time away from writing my books than I have too. Instead this will be just a quick impression of why I like and recommend each book or books if it’s a series.

Michael Vey series by Richard Paul Evans. This is a YA series and has quickly become one of my favorites. As of now there are six books in the series, with the sixth book of the series titled “The Fall of Hades” just recently being released. What I like most about the story, beside having a fantastic plot, is how it just flows so well. The story is full of action, which helps, but even through the slower parts you’re just driven to read on. I attribute that to the way Richard Paul Evans connects you to his characters and makes you care about each one. I also like that the language is clean and it’s not overly gory. There were four books in the series available when I started reading and I binge read all four. Of coarse then I was biting at nails for the next book to come out. Currently there are six books and after just finishing the sixth book a few weeks ago, I’m really biting at my nails for the seventh. If you want to know more about the series head on over to and take a look. If you like to read YA novels you will not be disappointed with the Michael Vey series.

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A New Year Approaches

This is it. One week left. The count down begins as 2016 rolls to a close. I’m not one prone to bragging, but this year has been a fantastic year for me. When 2016 started I never would have dreamed that by the close of it, my book would be written, but here we are and I have ONE chapter left to write!
I have gotten a question asking who my favorite author/authors are and what my favorite book/books are but I don’t know if I can narrow it down enough to answer without being extremely long because I have so many. So I will give a quick run down of the books, both fiction and non-fiction, that rate highest on my list.

Non-Fiction: I have never been one to read much non-fiction because to me, it always made me feel like I was in school again. Once I decided to take my writing seriously though, I picked up a couple of books that would help me improve as a writer and help prepare me for self publishing. Lets start by taking a quick look at a few of the Non-Fiction books I’ve read to help me in my writing carer.

“5 Editors Tackle the 12 Fatal Flaws of Fiction Writing” by C.S. Larkin, Linda S. Clare, Christly Distler, Robin Patchen, Rachel Starr Tomas. This book is a great read for anyone looking to write fiction. It covers, as the name implies, the 12 most common mistakes writers make when writing fiction. Whats great about this book is that it not only tells you the mistakes, It gives you both before and after examples to help you understand. It also includes exercise passages in which you yourself can try to fix the flaws. If you are a new writer and are maybe working on your first few books, I highly recommend you pick this book up.

Another book I found to be really helpful is “Your first 1000 copies” by Tim Grahl. This book is great at giving you insight and tips on how to market your book. Good marketing is key in getting your book in the hands of others, especially if you only have a couple books published, or are about to publish your first, like myself. What I like about this book is it is not awful long, making it a nice quick read, but it is packed full of great tips and strategies in various things you can do to promote your book.

A book I’m still currently reading is “Stephen Kings On Writing”. I’ve only made it partway through the book so far, but it is a very enjoyable ( and humorous) read. It’s basically the story on how Stephen King developed his writing over the years, through his experiences growing up, and turned into the famous author that he is. It’s part auto-biography, part informative, and fully fun to read even if your are not an author or never plan to be.

Next week I’ll share my favorite fiction books from some of my favorite authors. Authors like, Richard Paul Evans, Morgan Rice, and Christopher Paolini to name a few. These books are what help to stir my imagination and give me fresh and exciting ideas for my own writing.

I want to wish every one a safe and happy new years as I wrap it up for today. If you are one to make new years resolution (I am not, but I may make an exception this new years) then I wish you much success in your endeavor!

Your friend in the pages of fiction



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